CAMCEM was created to meet increasing demand for MCEM part A, now FRCEM Primary exam, preparation. This exam can be a real challenge given its emphasis on pre-clinical science.

At CAMCEM, we are passionate about improving your understanding of the preclinical sciences. Through our own experience of preparing for and sitting the exam we realised that fundamental medical concepts are best taught through colourful images and animations, interactive seminars and group discussions rather than through hours and hours at the textbook.

With this in mind, we decided to revisit the emergency medicine basic sciences and create an environment for learning that mixes practice questions with visual learning aids and really great teachers. We combine interactive lectures with supervisions – small group teaching to reinforce your understanding of the lecture material – a highly effective pedagogical technique unique to Cambridge and Oxford.

We strongly believe that learning medicine can be fun and doesn’t have to be an endlessly monotonous memory challenge.

CAMCEM is not part of or affiliated with the University of Cambridge.